Crashes just don’t happen. They are influenced, mostly by human and particularly by drivers. Given a positive change in attitudes and behavious of drivers in vehicle handling, good customer relations and professionalism, crash incidences on the road could be far from vehicle users. These and many more are the areas of emphasis in TRC training. Driver Training being the primary objective, TRC since its establishment maintain a unique and quality training standard at moderate charges that keeps it ...

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TRC acts on behalf of Clients in the provision of Motor Insurance Services in terms of premium payment and Claim processes in the event of crashes. We also give advice on the suitable insurance covers for Clients to minimize cost and maximize benefits. In case of any road incidence, TRC fronts the documentations with the police and insurer for quick Claim processes and compensations when necessary.

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TRC have Certified and Competent trainers in First Aid who help train corporate staff to provide emergency services prior to medical attention. At the hospital participants are taken through how to preserve lives of others and help them receive emergency and lifesaving treatment. Again, the training equips them to prepare emergency responders for any circumstance, whether they are responding to a traumatic event or dealing with an emergency in their daily lives.


TRC has seasoned medical Doctors and first aiders who give health education and training to Client’s in relation to their occupational hazards. These teachings help the participants to know the occupational hazards they are exposed to base on the work they do and how to prevent or minimize any health-related challenges that might result from their field of work.


TRC recruits and or manages drivers for Clients so that Clients could concentrate on their core objects. We take care of the drivers’ regular training, remunerations, compensations, payment of statutory obligations, leave management and leave-replacement, Health needs, Clients are relieved of such hurdles.


TRC is also into dispatch riders’ service culminating into quick and professional delivery of services to Clients. TRC have well trained dispatched riders with motors readily available for such delivery. We equally give out and manages dispatch riders to provide services for our clients at competitive charges.